Rapid Testing

We perform quick and easy testing for strep, flu, RSV, mono, and urinalysis.


Minor Illnesses

We diagnose and treat anything from the common cold and flu to strep, UTI, and ear infections.


Respiratory Care

Is your child having trouble breathing? We provide nebulizer treatments, nasal suctioning, and monitoring of breathing in-house for illnesses like RSV, Bronchiolitis, and Asthma.


IV Fluids

If your child has been vomiting or experiencing diarrhea, we may need to provide IV fluids. This is something simple and easy we can do in the office to help rehydrate your child. Yes, an IV insertion is needed and can be scary, but we understand and make it as painless as possible.


Fracture Care and Splinting

Are you worried your little one may have a fracture? We provide in-house x-ray and splinting if needed. While we only treat minor fractures, we will be able to refer you to the appropriate physician if further examination and care is needed.


Laceration Repair

Did your child have an accident and get a big cut? Are you worried it may need stitches? All of our providers are trained to assess and place the appropriate repair such as stitches, staples, or glue.


Sports and Camp Physicals

We provide thorough annual sports and camp physicals. We can provide an EKG upon request for a nominal fee.


Urine Catheterization

Sometimes, we are unable to get a child to urinate in the office and a catheter is needed. This can also be frightening. We use child life techniques to calm and distract and make this procedure as quick as possible.


Removal of Foreign Bodies

Something stuck in your little one's nose, ears, skin or eyes? Don't fret. We can safely remove it and put your mind at ease.